TMJ Prosthesis Custom-made Osteomed

Indicated for reconstructive surgeries and treatment of temporomandibular joint pathologies in situations where their total replacement is necessary. Such pathologies include: severe degenerative disease, facial trauma and deformities.

Developed with biomechanical design according to the anatomy of each patient, the TMJ Prosthesis Custom-made Osteomed is provided with virtual surgical planning, reducing the time of surgery and the risk of unforeseen events during the procedure.

  • Condylar fascia has lateral bulkheads that prevent the occurrence of dislocation, besides geometry that propitiates the movement of rotation and translation. Instrumental Simple and effective handling;
  • Mandibular branch made of titanium alloy in a single piece, mimicking the biological condyle in order to ensure a better distribution of the biomechanical load;
  • Perfect fit between the inner surface of the prosthesis to the bone fragments, which provides load sharing and enables accelerated bone healing.
  • The TMJ Prosthesis Custom-made Osteomed is supplied sterile with the Virtual Surgical Planning, which includes: Osteotomy planning; repositioning of bone fragments and orthognathic surgeries.
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