OSTEOMED is a Brazilian company, founded in 1995, specialized in the manufacture of health products, focused on the safety and efficacy of its products. The design and finality of our products seeks to guarantee the improvement in the quality of life of all patients

Our team of collaborators is constantly trained and updated, being formed by specialists, masters and doctors, in the most diverse areas, who seek the continuous improvement of our products and processes, through the technical-scientific exchange with medical surgeons and renowned universities.

Always investing in innovation and technology, the injection of high performance thermoplastic polymers in ISO Class 5 cleanroom environment according to ISO 14644 is part of our competitive differential.

The productive flow is monitored and controlled through a rigorous management system, which guarantees the traceability of all products, from the receipt of the raw material, to the postoperative recovery of the patient. The raw material is inspected and analyzed in its entirety, ensuring compliance with international reference standards.

OSTEOMED has its own test laboratory, certified ABNT NBR ISO 17025 by CGCRE / INMETRO, another competitive differential, where our products are developed and certified, according to good laboratory practice policy.

The integrated quality management system is in place, mature and in full operation. Such maturity can be seen through its certification as:EN ISO 13485.

After conquering the Brazilian market, OSTEOMED aims to expand its brand in the most diverse regions of the world. The quality of products is recognized by the European Community (CE Marking) and by the US (FDA).

After decades of experience, OSTEOMED seeks to stand out in the medical market, once again, through a more effective support to its clients, seeking the satisfaction of doctors and patients.


“To exceed the expectations of our Customers, through the excellence in the service and supply of products of the highest quality.”


“To be a leading company in the market, acting with responsibility and excellence in the area of medical products, recognized by our customers, suppliers and employees as a benchmark in quality standards.”


Commitment, Professionalism, Ethics and Teamwork.

What make us different

Modern Equipment

In its incessant search for quality, Osteomed has built a Laboratory of Mechanical Testing and Raw Material Control, with the most modern equipment and resources.

Periodic Tests

Our products are subjected to periodic tests and the raw material received is rigorously analyzed before supplying the implant and instrument production line.


We have developed a clean room, Certified by the strict standards of ISO 14644, where the air is fully controlled and we acquire an electric injector for the manufacture of its intervertebral spacers in PEEK.

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